'Misha' has recently won 'Best Documentary Feature' at the Oxford International Film Festival! Directed by Brian Song and DoP Pete Konczal. Misha is the tragic story about the greatest football (soccer) player that most have never heard of. Mikhail “Misha” was the descendant of the Koryo Saram Koreans living in the Russian Far East, who were forcibly removed by Stalin and persecuted during the war. Misha was labeled too small to play football, and had to work harder to be able to compete, but ultimately he was able to achieve success as was selected to be captain of his Soviet National Team. But on August 11, 1979 all 14 players and three staff members set off on a flight for Minsk, somewhere near the Ukrainian city Kamianske. Less than an hour after leaving Donetsk, their airplane collided with another passenger jet, killing all 178 people on board both aircrafts.