Luck is Alive

We are delighted to share with you that ‘Luck Is Alive’ received a Vimeo staff pick as well as being awarded Grand Prix at Ciclope Festival Africa 👏📽🏆Directed by Paul Ward with DoP Deon van Zyl filmed in Senegal💥

Luck Is Alive tells the story of an African surfer who is a believer in Animism, a sensibility prevalent among surfers throughout Africa. Animism is based on the idea that everything is sentient: that inanimate objects, plants, animals or even entities such as the ocean have a spirit or a soul, often in the sense of having ‘personhood’. The film demonstrates an animistic sensibility through the concept of luck. The line, ‘Luck is Alive’, encapsulates this way of relating to the world: a sense of the aliveness of chance, and by believing in luck and that luck is alive, luck can lead you to be lucky.

The film features Damme Samb (21) a surfer from Dakar, Senegal a predominantly muslim country on the west coast of Africa. Damme is also a believer in Animism.