Vincent Warin

Starting in Paris as a stills photographer, Vincent moved to New York to shoot ad/music campaigns and album covers, which eventually lead to directing music videos. Upon returning to Europe, Vincent concentrated on shooting music videos and commercials in Paris and London to become a sought after cinematographer in the European market. Vincent is fluent in English and French, holds both an American and French passport, and continues working in still photography when his schedule permits.

Directors (Partial): Michael Gracey, Michael Geoghegan, Vaughan Arnell, Daniel Askill, Antony Atanassio, Ringan Ledwidge, Serge Barbeau, Casper Barfoed, Renaud Bertrand, Stephanie Buttler, Didier Cannaux, Michel Charpentier, Karen Cunningham, Jerome Cornuo, Steve Dell, Claudio Drogett, The Guard Brothers, Michel Guimbard, H5, Ben Hartenstein, Marc Heymann, Jon Jones, Olivier Kuntzel & Florence Deygas, Christian Banfield, Karen Lamond, Christian Linbaye, Andy Margetson, Stephen Mead, Stephane Meunier, Mitamura, Kylie Mueller, Liz Murphy, Doug Nichol, Valentin Potier, Frederic Potier, Tom Pollock, Damien Peyret, Richard Philipps, Jack Price, Psyop, Jean-Michel Ravon, Steve Reeves, Chris Roche, Joe Roman, Vito Rocco, Gregory Rood, Arnaud Roussel, Paul Street, Toru Tokikawa, Marcus Tomlinson, Toby Tremlett, Titus Twister, Dirk Van Dooren, Tomato, Ray Yoshimoto, Nitin Parmar, Richard de Araques, Jamie Rafn.

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Guyane - DoP Trailer

Jérôme Cornuau