Anders Flatland FNF

Anders originally wanted to direct documentaries after spending time as a youngster with a family friend who was a director for Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation ( NRK ) In 1994-95 Anders spent a full year making documentaires and promotional videos for Norwegian Armed Forces. This led him to study a BA in Film & Photographic Art at University of Westminster London. It was during this course he found his love for Cinematography.

Anders has shot a number of award winning Music Videos and Commercials. He works internationally and has a work permit for USA.

He lives in Oslo, Norway with his family.

Directors he works with: Pekka Hara, Marius Holst, Hans Petter Moland, Morten Tyldum, Thomas Hilland, Jakob Ström, Henry Scholfield, Emil Nava, Ray Kay, Aksel Hennie, Alex Herron, Roar Uthaug, Mikkel Sandemose, Johan Skog, Gaute Hesthagen, Niklas Fröberg, Calle Åstrand, Bjørn Opsahl, Anniken Lien, Simen Alsvik, Arild Frölich, Petter Jahre, Alexander Kayambakis, Jens Lien, Nicolai Cleve Broch, Glenn Huth Mæland, Mathis Fürst, Ole Endresen, Mats Stenberg

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