Pedro Castro

Pedro Castro was born and raised in the Northwest of Spain. At age 16 he felt an unstoppable urge for adventure and he headed for the United States leaving behind friends, family and his homeland. Since a very early age, there was always in him an undeniable love for taking pictures and listening to stories, a love that soon would be extended to moving pictures which told stories on the silver screen.  While in college he took a class on the history of Cinema and from that very moment he knew he had found his true passion in life. He soon began to work on sets as an intern doing what it took to just be around those who knew best. His enthusiasm got him up the ranks quite quickly and soon he started his way into the camera department and then the electrical department to become a working gaffer while he managed to finish school. In 1999 he graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a B.A in Film Production and a Minor in Art History. Right out of school he signed with an agent in Los Angeles and his career as a Dop begin to flourish. 

What Pedro enjoys the most on a set is the collaboration process that takes place when a group of people get together with a common goal.

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